Frequently Asked Questions
Here are a few things we think you might like to know about us.
  • What are the worship services like at Smoky Mountain Presbyterian Church?

    First, we worship because we love God, and it is the act of worship that transforms us. Our worship services are 60 minutes long, and in that time we sing ancient and modern songs of the Faith, read the Bible, pray and hear a message that helps everyone take their next steps for spiritual formation.  The service is followed by a period of Q and A.

    Second, worship is a conversation with God, not a show or a lecture.

    Third, we believe that the Bible is completely trustworthy. It is the only book that can direct our belief and behavior.

    Fourth, every worship service focuses around the 4 truths of the Gospel:

    - God is perfect.
    - We are sinful.
    - God is gracious.
    - We must respond to God by faith.

    Finally, If you are questioning the claims of Jesus Christ, we invite you to come and explore this way of life. If you are skeptical, bring your doubts and look into the truths that have replaced our doubts with hope. 

  • What about my kids?
    We have nursery available for small children.  We encourage older children to be in the service with their families. 
  • Where do I park?
    Parking is available in the parking lot of the building.
  • What do I wear?
    We believe that God accepts our worship from the heart.  With that in mind, we encourage people to come as they are.  Suits and dresses to bluejeans and tee shirts; all are welcome.

  • How can I get connected?
    Please call the number on this page or email us.